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  • Modular Entrance Matting with New Design


    Designed for MEDIUM-HEAVY traffic conditions. • High performance, flexible tiles with a vinyl
    base and dual fiber carpet strips scrape,
    remove and hold dirt and moisture. • Resistant to mildew and UV aging Read More

  • What is the recommended size for an entrance matting system?


    Mat size is critical.People entering a building don’t often stop to wipe their feet so it’s important that an entrance mat is deep enough to ensure there are enough contacts between the entry matting and the soles of shoes to minimise the amount of dirt carried into the building.The Australian Build Read More

  • New Antislip test for FRP stair nosing


    Meishuo just finished a new wet & dry anti slip test in Australia labratory for our FRP stair nosing. For detailed test report, pls contact us to download.MSDYH as recessed, all-metal cover is designed for interior application for pedestrian, expecially for shopping mall and airports as it can withs Read More

  • New loading test for MSDYH-shopping mall & airport expansion joint cover


    Meishuo just finished a new loading test 900KGS in SGS labratory for model MSDYH. For detailed test report, pls contact us to download.MSDYH as recessed, all-metal cover is designed for interior application for pedestrian, expecially for shopping and airports as it can withstand heavy rolling loads Read More

  • Anodising Vs powder coating: Which is better for expansion joint cover aluminium surface treatments?


    Woodform ArchitecturalWoodform Architectural evaluates the most suitable coating systems for aluminium profiles by examining their advantages and disadvantages.Aluminium is one of Earth’s most abundant metals known for its lightness, strength and resistance to corrosion. Untreated aluminium extrusio Read More

  • How to choose expansion joint cover models for shopping mall


    *What's the special point for shopping mall?
    1.Shopping centers experience some of the most foot traffic in any large building. That means you need expansion joint systems that last.
    2.Mall visitors and customers should not be bothered by mundane structural details. Read More

  • Suggestions when selecting a balustrade


    Selecting a balustrade for a staircase, balcony or terrace is an important part of a new construction or renovation project. And many people make choices that may turn out to be unpractical later on. So here are some suggests to aviod when choosing a balustrade. AestheticsAs with any part of an inte Read More

  • How to choose suitable stair nosing?


    As showed in our products series, there are so many different materials, design, sizes and colors for our stair nosing.So how to choose the perfect model for your need?There are some questions which can help you to make it clear. Read More

  • Building Regulations for Balustrades, Handrails & Stairs in Australia (2)


    Construction and DesignBalustrades or barriers should be constructed such that a person cannot fall over or through them while at the same time restricting a child crawling through them. Openings in balustrades or barriers must be constructed so that any opening does not permit a 125mm sphere to pas Read More

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