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Stainless Steel Flood Barrier System

Flood barriers, also known as flood shields and flood panels, are designed to protect different kinds of openings from damage caused by floodwater inundation. Flood barriers are designed to be quickly installed and to provide a watertight seal for openings.
  • MSFP
  • Meishuo
  • 7610900000

Stainless Steel Flood Barrier System


Panel Height

Panel Length

Jamb Height

Middle post needed


200 mm / Piece or customized

Maximum 5000 mm 

Same with the total height of the panel

Opening  5000 mm 

Extruded aluminum, Stainless steel, Rubber gasket 


  • Insert lightweight demountable posts

  • Slide in horizontal boards/panels

  • Tighten all bolts to posts& boards

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