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Rubber Expansion Joint 
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  • May
    Modular Entrance Matting with New Design

    Designed for MEDIUM-HEAVY traffic conditions. • High performance, flexible tiles with a vinyl
    base and dual fiber carpet strips scrape,
    remove and hold dirt and moisture. • Resistant to mildew and UV aging

  • Feb
    What is the recommended size for an entrance matting system?

    Mat size is critical.People entering a building don’t often stop to wipe their feet so it’s important that an entrance mat is deep enough to ensure there are enough contacts between the entry matting and the soles of shoes to minimise the amount of dirt carried into the building.The Australian Build


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Was founded is 2000 in China and have more than 15 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of building expansion joint systems (floor,  wall and ceiling,  roof)
Movement joint,  Aluminum Entrance Mat,  Anti slip Stair Nosing,Aluminum skirting board.


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