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  • What is AS1428.1 regarding stair nosing?


    What is AS1428.1?The full title is Australian Standard Design for Access and Mobility Part 1: General requirements for access – new building work.This Standard sets out minimum design requirements to provide access for most people with disabilities and addresses a wide range of building design eleme Read More

  • Welcome Foreign customers visit for aluminum expansion joint covers and aluminum entrance mat


    Welcome Foreign customers visit for aluminum expansion joint coversCustomer is interested in our Expansion joint, movement control joint & entrance mat and wish to build a long cooperation with us.We discuss our coopration and supoort customer wants to get from us. It's a successful conclusion as we Read More

  • How do i choose the best stair nosing for my stairs?


    You must have your own questions that will need to be answered before making a decision about which companies may be able to fulfill your needs. Once you have narrowed down the field of manufacturers, you will want to address more specific information about your stair nosing needs.Below, I have list Read More

  • What will happen without movement control joint?


    ·Designed to appear as discretely as a grout line whilst absorbing localised compression and expansion stresses·Neoprene core is resistant to most chemicals and detergents generally used in tiled applications·Aluminum, Stainless steel and brass slide plate can be chosen for different need.·Secure fi Read More

  • Roof Expansion Joint Cover waterproofing- what you must know(二)


    As we mentioned in last article, What shall i do if i have finished the installation of the expasnion joint covers?http://msbxf.com/Roof-Expansion-Joint-Cover-waterproofing-what-you-must-know-id540163.html Read More

  • 276mm width aluminum stair nosing with Carborundum insert


    We develp a new stair nosing model which is 276mm wide and it's almost the same with with stair tread.Our customers customized this stair nosing to cover all the stair and get the perfect antislip fuction.The most difficult point for this stair nosing production is that normal Read More

  • Roof Expansion Joint Cover waterproofing- what you must know(一)


    As we know, roof expansion joint waterproofing is a very important and big point in the installtion of expansion joint covers. Read More

  • Welcome Foreign customers visit for aluminum stair nosing


    We are glad to receive our foreign customer during May holiday. He is interested in our aluminum stair nosing.As customer has known this product and takes part of the lacal market. It's easier for our communication.We have many different samples with different colors and inserted material in our off Read More

  • Why Do We Need an Aluminum Entrance Mat?


    Did you know that WITHOUT an effective matting system, up to 24 pounds of dirt can be deposited by 1,000 people in a 20-day work month?Foot traffic can remove over 50% of the floor finish within the first six feet of an entry after 1,500 people pass through your building entrance.This particular foo Read More

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