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How to choose expansion joint cover models for shopping mall

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How to choose expansion joint cover models for shopping mall

*What's the special point for shopping mall?

1.Shopping centers experience some of the most foot traffic in any large building. That means you need expansion joint systems that last.

2.Mall visitors and customers should not be bothered by mundane structural details. And the most important is that, safety.

3.Usually the decorative materiasl for the floor are marble and tiles. And it's good looking and easy to clean. That means, your floor expansion joints in the area must match the finished flooring.

A wide variety of colors is available in the markets, with various fabrication materials like stainless steel and aluminum. These are durable, high-quality materials that can be easily incorporated into any architectural concept.

And some recessed models can be installed with marble are also very good choice. Only two small gap are exposed.


4. Large flow of visitors means the floor expansion joint must be easy to clean.

5.Parking lot is the basic design part for every shopping mall. That means we must consider the point loading for the expansion joints in this area.

* What Expansion joints are expected to fulfill?

§  Having high load-carrying capacity (e.g. vehicle wheels load)

§  Water tightness in the joint and its connections at each side to prevent leaking.

§  Suitability for pedestrian traffic (e.g. with high-heeled shoes)

§  Resistance to aggressive substances

§  Reducing vibrations in facilities where delicate goods are being transported (e.g. in glass factories)

§  Should be eye-pleasing.

So, now i think it's clear when we choose expansion joint system for shopping malls. Floor is the fisrt setp we need to consider. As no loading requirement for the wall, ceiling and roof.

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