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Modular Entrance Matting with New Design

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Modular Entrance Matting with New Design

Meishuo New Modular Entrance Matting is a modular tile matting system allowing any size or shape of mat well to be installed with the minimum of waste. Individual sections can be replaced by changing only the tiles affected and not the complete unit as with other systems.

Meishuo Modular Entrance Matting is an extremely durable and effective product and in the two different textile colour ranges will compliment any interior design concept. The product has excellent wash and light fastness properties allowing all conventional carpet maintenance systems to be used for cleaning.

Meishuo Modular  Entrance Matting is an ideal entrance matting solution for Shopping Centres in terms of durability, cost effectiveness and aethetics.

Meishuo Modular Entrance Matting is available in many different textile colourways. The 25 x 25cm tile size means that there are 16 tiles to a square metre and reduces wastage.

It can enable surface mounting applications. Installing mat is as easy as building blocks!

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