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Successful project visit for expansion joint system

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Successful project visit for expansion joint system

Meishuo Engineer went to foreign country to visit a big project where expansion joint is very complicated. Project contract expected to get professional suggestions for the expansion solutions, movement joint and water proofing.

We checked every joint gap at the project and recommed suitable model for the expansion joint. There are different joint gao, such as 50mm, 100mm & 150mm.
Meantime. we found many problems at the project because the joint is not straight and the basic waterproof is not finished yet.
For the special situation, our engineer made drawing at site and supplied a good solution.

It's a good communication at the project and we confirmed all the types and joint gap in this trip.
At last, we signed the contract for the expansion joint of this project.
We believe we will have a good cooperation for this project.


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