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Prefab flat pack container house is sturdy and durable, with strong seismic resistance and deformation resistance, it has good sealing performance and can be assembled to expand the usage space, such as conference rooms, dormitory, kitchens, bathrooms,etc. It is easy to disassemble and has superior performance, stable and firm performance, good shockproof performance, waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant weight.
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Function : The design of the flat pack container house reasonably adopts new energy, energy-saving lamps and lanterns, centralized heating, household metering, water facilities, composite walls, sun shading and roofing, which are energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving and land-saving technical measures, and realizes integrated design. 

Structure : The main structure of the house is a steel frame structure, using metal-faced sandwich panels or other types of enclosure panels with thermal insulation. The boxes are connected to each other by bolts, which makes the structure simple and the installation easy and quick. 

Demolition and transfer :  The service life of the flat pack container house can reach more than 20 years, and it can be turned around and recycled without damage and at low cost, especially suitable for the second demolition of the project. 

Layout : Modular design of the flat pack container house, within the house size, according to the use of functional requirements of reasonable space design, to meet the space and modelling of various requirements.

Storage : Highly prefabricated modular space can be deployed quickly and economically, and can be used in semi-permanent and permanent building forms. 

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(01)Top corner part  (02)Roof frame (03)Roof sheet 
(04)Fiber glass wool insulation (05)Roof purlin  (06)Roof frame 
(07)Roof sheet support  (08)Z-part  (09)W connection
(10)Column  (11)Plastic steel sliding window (12)Top corner part 
(13)Base frame (14)Steel door  (15)Sink
(16)Base frame (17)Wall panel  (18)Vinyl sheet 
(19)Cement board  (20)Roof purlin (21)Skirting line 
(22)Cover seal  (23)Drainage pipe




Flat Pack Container House Material List
Size: 6055*2990*2896mm=18.1M²
No. Item Material                                                     Quantity Note
1 Base 2 Galvanized Base Frames: 5630*160*2.5mm, 2Galvanized Base Frames: 2685*160*2.5mm; 4 Galvanized Base Corner Parts 1Set 1
Base Frame: Trapezoidal Steel 120*60*40*1.0mm, Q550 Model, 100g/㎡ 1Set
18mm Thickness Cement Board 1Set
1.6mm Thickness Vinyl Sheet 1Set
Roof 2 Galvanized Roof Frames 5630*180*2.5mm,2 Galvanized Roof Frames 2685*180*2.5mm; 4 Galvanized Top Corner Parts 1Set 2
Roof Purlin C80*40*1.2mm 1Set
50Fiber Glass Wool Insulation + Tin Foil 1Set
4 Galvanized Square Tube: 20*20*1.0, 1 Galvanized Square Tube: 30*30*1.0 1Set
0.45mm Thickness Color Steel Panel 1Set
831*0.35mm Color Steel Integrated Ceiling 1Set
Ceiling Component 1Set
3 Column 2526*210*150*2.5mm Galvanized Column 1Set
4 Supplementary Material 50mm Diameter PVC Drainage Pipe 1Set
Sink 1Set
Cover Sea 1Set
Self-tapping Wire, Rivets, Hexagon Socket Bolts, Adhesives, etc. 1Set
5 Electrical System 32A Industrial Socket Boxes + Industrial Sockets, Switching Cabinet (1Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker and 1Circuit Breaker), 3 Regular Sockets, 1Air Conditioning Sockets, 2 set of LED Lights, Two-core cable 1Set
6 Door Fire Rated Door with Pressure Handle, Size: 840*2035; Door Frame with 0.4mm Thickness, European Standard Fireproof Lock 1Set
7 Window Plastic Steel Sliding Window 1130*1130, Including Screens, Security Window and Window Inserts) 2Set
8 Wall Panel 1150Model 75mm Thickness Rock Wool Composite Panel, Double-sided Steel Sheet 0.3mm, Volume Weight 80KG/m³, with Orange Peel Pattern, Double-sided Lamination Film 1Set

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