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Q:   Types of Building Movement?
Building movement occurs in the following ways:
• Thermal Expansion or Contraction Movement caused by the structure expanding and contracting with temperature changes, or shrinking as it dries out
• Building settlement Movement caused by the dead and live loads of the structure on the supporting foundations
• Wind SwayMovement caused by the effect of strong winds on the structure, which is more pronounced on tall buildings
• Seismic ActivityMulti-directional movement caused by seismic events, can be significant depending on the magnitude of the seismic activity.
Q:   What is an Expansion Joint Cover?
An Expansion Joint Cover or Movement Joint Cover provides a covered transition across the expansion or movement joint opening, remaining unaffected by the relative movement of the two surfaces either side of the joint.
Q:   What is an Expansion Joint?
A:   An Expansion Joint or Movement Joint is a structural gap designed to accommodate the movement of a building in a controlled manner, preventing damage to the internal and external finishes. Expansion joints run right through the structure of the building, from top to bottom and front to back and often become wider as you go higher up in the building, as movement becomes more prevalent.
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