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Folding container house is a new type of housing developed in recent years, mainly to solve the problem of transportation and storage convenience is suitable for transportation in remote areas. It has a lot of features:space-saving, easy loading and unloading, cost savings, green, long life.The overall profile structure of the folding house is a one-time molding of the shaped tube with high-frequency welding machine equipment, and all the splices adopt the upper and lower biting design with excellent sealing, windproof and rainproof, and can be folded and used repeatedly for many times, with a lifespan of more than 15 years.
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Export Advantages : Tailor-made export loading size of folding container house, 40 feet container can be loaded with more of folding houses, which saves more transportation, export and labor installation costs compared with other box houses.

Customized design : It can be customized according to customer's needs, in addition to increase the styling design to meet customer's personalized needs.

Flexible Layout : For different indoor functions, there can be different layouts, and can be partitioned to make the functional space required by customers.

Transportation and storage advantages :The folding container house is only 41cm after folding, which saves more than 80% of the transportation cost and greatly saves the storage footprint and site use costs.

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折叠房 (7)折叠房 (5)



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折叠房 (13)


Folding Container House Material List
Basic feature External dimensions (mm)  5800 length*2440 width*2500 height
Internal dimensions (mm)  5640 length*2320 width*2400 height
Folding state (mm)  5800 length*2480 width*410 height
Total mass (kg) 1200 1200
Frame structure Top main beam Q235B P-shaped square tube 60 x80x1.3mm
Bottom main beam  Q235B Rectangular square tube 60x140x1.3mm
Front and rear main beam  Q235B Irregular square tube 60x80x1.2mm
Side wall frame  Q235B P-shaped square tube 40x80x1.2mm
Bottom load-bearing capacity  Q235B Rectangular square tube 40x40x1.2mm
Top load-bearing capacity  Q235B Rectangular square tube 40x40x1.2mm
Hanging head  Q235B 125*200*4mm
Folding hinge Galvanized hinge 13mm
Roof Overall framework protective coating Electrostatic spraying/high gloss white
External top plate  Corrugated board 0.4mm
Internal ceiling  Color steel veneer V831*0.25mm
Wall Insulated glass wool  Fiberglass cotton roll 50mm (bulk weight16 kg)
Side wall  50mm composite board 0.23mm+basaltrock wool (bulk weight 50 kg) +-0.1mm
Front and rear wall  65mm composite board 0.23mm+basaltrock wool (bulk weight 50 kg) +-0.1mm
Floor Fireproof glass magnesium floor 15mm
Electrical system Electrical wiring is installed strictly in accordance with moisture-proofregulations, and all electrical products are comply with CE certification. Connect the circuit according to the circuit engineering specifications, indoor: incoming line 4² National standard soft copper wire, one 20A circuit breaker, socket inlet 2.5², one five hole single opening socket, one air conditioning socket, and one long LED light.
Ordinary antitheft door High quality anti-theft door(warm white) Size: 970mm* 970mm
Window 930 * 930 plastic steel anti-theft integrated window, glass thickness 4mm (warm white)
Quality assurance The entire house meets the A-level fireprotection standard.

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