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Modular Entrance Mat System-M20

M20 is a modular tile system utilizing snap-together tiles. Our M20 model can be surface-mounted or recess-mounted to provide exceptional protection to the rest of your interior with the addition of heavy-duty or exterior grade carpet inserts. Slip-resistant and durable, M20 traps dirt and debris at the door without being high-maintenance. M20 tiles are available in different patterns and colors.
  • MS-20

  • Meishuo

  • Modular Entrance Mat System

Product Features

·  Water can go through the hollow edges and avoid stagnant water

·  Carpet insert has excellent water absorption to ensure function when rain and snow

·  Double dust removal structure with polypropylene & nylon fiber.

·  EVA materials and strong locking design can be rolled up and recovered quickly without high maintenance.

M-20 Description

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