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Why Do We Need an Aluminum Entrance Mat?

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Why Do We Need an Aluminum Entrance Mat?

Did you know that WITHOUT an effective matting system, up to 24 pounds of dirt can be deposited by 1,000 people in a 20-day work month?

Foot traffic can remove over 50% of the floor finish within the first six feet of an entry after 1,500 people pass through your building entrance.

This particular entrance mat is for a bank with 500+ people a day using this entrance.  In addition to regular maintenance, annually this facility removes the entrance mat and heavy duty cleans both the grilles and the recessed area.   You can see the amount of dirt, debris and salt deposited underneath.  


Debris and dirt fall through the sloted spaces between each rail. The aluminum frame depth provides maximum collection and retainage of dirt, debris, salt and moisture.  Dirt, along with moisture and ice melter can cause "clumps" that bond to the concrete surface in the recess well collection area. Use of a scraper removes any bonded debris eliminating salt pitting on the concrete well surface


So it's obvious that why we need this aluminum entrance mat.

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